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This is important. The build tree is a code freeze taken from a stable version of Mozilla known as M8. The Rozilla porting effort is not at a stage where we can start making changes directly to the active build tree. This is because the changes neccassary are probably going to be numerous and small which would annoy a lot of the people working on Mozilla.
Code changes will be added back into the main Mozilla tree as and when we have a working browser and will be under full consultation with the main Mozilla tree maintainers.

Currently the porting effort has just begun and work has progressed into these areas:
        1.    Understanding the build tree from the site and coming up with a similar tree for RISC OS.
        2.    Beginning the port of NSPR which is the core of the Mozilla project.
        3.    Porting the various standalone libraries such as the JavaScript interpreter.
        4.    Finally getting a major test application such as the Viewer app or Mozilla it's self working.

If you would like to offer help in anyway with this project then please email

To really get this project started this poject needs about 150Mb of diskspace so a CVS of the source tree can be held online for everyone to download. If you can supply this amount of server space then please get in contact.

The build mechanism for RISC OS is slightly different to the main Mozilla build tree since RISC OS likes to store source files in their own separate directories. The main overall structure of the tree does not differ from that of Mozilla. As you can imagine there are lots of make files that get executed.

If anyone wants the source tree as it stands then please email me at for my snail mail address. If you then send me a zip disk and return postage I will send you back a copy. Please email me before hand though as I will not be able to do more than a few copies in this manner as it does take rather a long time to copy all the data. I would like to spend most of my time coding rather than copying. ;-)


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